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Celebrating Prince and remembering David Bowie

As a music lover I have my favourite type of music as a lot of people do. For me I love R&B, Soul, Disco and Funk (my main source of pleasure musically) I also love 1950's Pop/Rock & Roll, Swing music and some modern day 'pop' along with 80's & 90's which was when I had my teenage and going out clubbing years.

At some point during their amazing careers David Bowie's and Prince's music has made it onto my playlists, at other times not so much so. Bowie's work while incredible wasn't always really my cup of tea. A lot of the people I went to school with loved him but it was around the time my love for Soul/R&B and Funk was forming so I was concentrating on my own thing.

But I think it's okay to dip in and out of careers that have spanned as long as they did. Not everyone is going to like everything that an artist puts out, but you can still appreciate and respect the huge talent that artists like Bowie and Prince had.
Similarly with Michael Jackson, I loved most of what he did but there was the remainder particularly the very commercial stuff that I wasn't so much of a fan of but you'd never question his talent.

Sadly I didn't get to see Prince live, I did see David Bowie however. It was during his Serious Moonlight Tour and he was incredible, such a showman. As was an equally talented Freddie Mercury when I saw Queen, another sorely missed massive talent.
My preferred Bowie album would be Young Americans because it has a soul vibe to it and Prince would be 1999, although my favourite song doesn't come off that album.

So what I decided to do in honour of these two sensational talents and in order to celebrate their lives is to share some artwork of them created by some amazing artists.

First is Hedley Wiggan's art. Hedley is a micro sculptor, he sculpted the Harry Styles pencil lead that was featured on The Late Late Show with James Corden and the 1D boys.

The Prince sculpture was done a couple of weeks before his sad death and the guitar done since.
As always with Hedley's work the detail is incredible.

and finally from Hedley here is a portrait of Prince.

I have two favourite Prince songs. One I will share later in the blog, the other is Let's Go Crazy, perfectly captured in this piece of artwork by @Fabulizz on Twitter. You can find this on her Society6 shop HERE.  Just love this...
I love how you can give any number of Artists a subject and the results are so different.

The final Prince piece is by @SlaskyArt from Italy. It is manipulated digital photography on canvas and you can find it on Slasky Arts shop HERE

There is something about that photograph and the manipulation that really screams Prince. I know it's a picture of him so it should but I think it's more the distortion, it just seems fitting somehow.

I thought it only fitting to include a piece of work on David Bowie, although this blog post is mainly about Prince...The two great Icons who influenced a lot of people passing away within months of each other is very sad.

This piece is by Jian Chen, I think it perfectly captures Bowie's uniqueness.  You can find Jian's artwork HERE in her Etsy shop

I think it's only fitting to end by sharing the artwork of both David Bowie and Prince themselves being the gifted Artists that they what better than my two favourite songs of theirs. From Bowie it's 'Fame' and from Prince it would be 'Musicology' …. enjoy...


If you would like to see other Artist's inspirational work please do follow my blog.
Thank you for reading.  Have a great week.

Thank you to all the Artists that allowed me to share their work. Find out more about them...



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