Sunday, 15 May 2016

Polymer Clay Artists

While researching for this blog (by researching I mean trawling through Pinterest and the like) I've seen some amazing Polymer Clay Artists, who have produced some incredible pieces. I hope to feature a couple of them for a whole post in the future but what I thought I'd do today is do a post about a few of the artists and share a piece of their work because quite frankly it's difficult to choose just a couple in the first instance.

So first up is Jana Roberts Benzon, the first piece I saw of Jana's was this necklace, it sent me off to Jana's website to coo over some incredibly beautiful intricate creativeness.

Can you just imagine wearing that? And that's clay! The colours are my kind of colours, I love teal and turquoise. This was created with Millefiori canes that Jana makes herself. 

 Using Millefiori canes allows artists to create tiles/slices that are the same. Jana also has a range of organic pieces on her website, these are beautiful pieces that just have such a perfect flow about them. 

 You have to remind yourself that these pieces are not created and then painted, they are formed from blending different colour clays which Jana occasionally enhances with alcohol ink.

Both of those pieces just emulate the break of a wave, especially the second one, the colours help, I think some Jana's organic work is influenced by the sea, I love it. You can find her website HERE and a link to my Jana Pinterest Board HERE.

So Millefiori canes are made by grouping together different colour clays into a design a little like how a stick of rock that you get at the seaside is made with the writing running through the middle when you cut it, (that simiuli probably only works if you have ever seen a stick of rock being made!)

 It's a fascinating process where bits of clay in this case are moulded together and then stretched out so that when slices are cut you get the same pattern running through every little tile. I'm going to share a couple of You Tube videos of talented people creating some Millefiori (pronounced Mil-a-fi-or-e and comes from the Italian word Mille Fiori - A Thousand Flowers) The process is often used in glasswork.

t is a process I find so interesting, little pieces of clay that when they go through the process become a whole piece of art.

Here is YouTuber 'Mo Clay' producing a beautiful beach scene Millefiori...

Another video by Teresa Pandora Salgado which is an advanced class in Millefiori


Finally a beautiful Butterfly Wing Cane by Polymer Clay Artist – Tom

All three have numerous Polymer Clay/Millefiori videos so if it's something that you are interested in or something you'd like to try their videos would be perfect.

Next up is Kelly Arce Designs, you can find her Facebook page HERE. Kelly designs Disney and fantasy art inspired pieces with polymer clay. I love her Disney wine glasses, such incredible detail.

Here are two of her glasses currently available in here Etsy store HERE
The first is Snow White's house and the second is from Nightmare Before Christmas

They look beautiful with a tea-light inside as you can see. Perfect to sculpt around wine glasses the shape lends itself so well to the houses but also the princess and villain's dresses like this Ursula from The Little Mermaid.


I love all these Artist's work. I will feature more polymer clay artists in the future because I have seen some amazing talent. 
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Thank you for reading.

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