Saturday, 8 August 2015

The Amazing Work of Maddie Chambers

Occasionally I see work then I'm not able to get hold of the Artist to interview them which is a shame but some of the work is just too good to not share.  I love Maddie's miniature structures so decided to do a little research and show them to you.

I'm sure some of you who spend any amount of time on Pinterest may have seen Maddie's Treehouse. When I first it I was totally enchanted.  The detail this lady goes to is incredible.  I followed the link to her website to find her Bag End (Bilbo's House) creation.  I was blown away and spent ages looking at each picture.

This is the Mouse Tree House based on the Bramley Hedge series that Maddie had read to her as a child.  It is incredible. The patience this lady has just amazes me.  I look at it again and again, it still amazes me that it's not actually a tree (I genuinely thought Maddie had carved it from a small tree stump)

You must visit her website to have a look at the individual room settings.  You can see her whole process on there so you can be inspired..

Maddie has also made a Gingerbread House, you have to see the detail to believe it... just look at the Jammy Dodgers! All the sweets and biscuits are made from Polymer Clay. Maddie made this house inspired by the Hansel and Gretel Witch House.

Being a Lord of the Rings - Hobbit fan the Bag End house is my absolute favourite.  I loved looking at the rooms and the attention  to detail.  Again click on the link below to Maddie's own site to have a more detailed look.

Maddie's Bag End was in Australia for a while (not sure if it's still there) being used to promote literacy for children.  

Bag End being made.

 Click Here to vist Maddie's pages

If you've never seen Maddie's work before it's a pleasure sharing it with you, be sure to visit her websites and follow.

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