Monday, 31 August 2015

Things found by the Sea

Hi, hope you're well.  It's Bank Holiday here in the UK and at the risk of falling into the Brit/weather stereotype, the weather is true to form for a bank holiday weekend (very wet!).

I decided today's post would be about upcycling and making something from nothing. I wanted it to be about on thing specifically - Driftwood.

There is something about driftwood, gets me thinking and there is nothing I like more than seeing something pretty or functional or functionally pretty made from it.

It is more than just a lump of wood, that piece of wood has a story.  Whether it's from a broken pier, jetty or boat and then to make it into something else is what upcycling is all about.

So let's have a look at what I found..

First up is a shop on Etsy called ShoreThingsNE the owner is a lady called Lynda who lives in the UK.  She has some lovely things in her shop like: Pebble Art & items made from driftwood and sea glass.

I love this canvas of Three Men in a Boat and the driftwood plaque below.

Next up is Julia's Driftwood, again on Etsy, this driftwood chandelier is beautiful ... 

All of these Etsy shops so far are in the UK including the next one.  It's a shop called Driftwood into Dreams some of the items in this shop are stunning, I can't feature them all (I will share a couple) but head over to Maureen's shop and check it out.

Up first is a beautiful Kingfisher and then the second is a unique piece of art titled 'Safe in the Harbour' which reminds me of a coastal town, somewhere like Cornwall.

This next Etsy shop is giving a real feel for the Cornish coast.  Incase you're not in the UK and don't know Cornwall.  It is a beautiful area of England in the most south-west tip.  Some of the places in Cornwall are so idealic, right by the sea, plenty to explore and so pretty.

The shop is HSDesignsCornwall and the shop owner is Jen.  I'll share a couple of her creations with you because they just scream Cornwall and the beach and when I look at them I can hear the seagulls and smell the sea air.

The first is of 'Padstow Cottages' Padstow is on the north Cornwall coast..I love the detail in this piece right down to the bunting, flag, trees by the door and the life-ring.

and the second piece from Jen is the Beach Huts on the Harbour.  I love them they are quintessentially British seaside (even though they're found around the world) dating back to the Victorian times when everyone was so much more modest.  I love to see them painted in their bright colours.. I'd love one in my garden, not sure what for (except to house spiders) but it'd look pretty.

The final driftwood work that I wanted to share is not found on Etsy.  The lady is in the UK though and her name is Heather Jansch, you may have seen her driftwood/mixed media sculptures before because they are world renowned.  Heather has a passion for horses as you'll see, check out her website HERE to find out more about Heather and her work, it is truly incredible.  These horses are incredible!

Please check out all of the featured artists beautiful work.

Thank you for reading, please share and enjoy the rest of your day.

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