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Where To Find An Artist's Work Online.

Being an Artist is not an easy route to make your living, as almost any Artist will tell you.  Fulfilling your passion of being an Artist is not the easiest way to pay the bills.

As a creative person your skills lie in creating your art.  But in order to make a living from that Art you also need to become your own PA, PR and a specialist in online and offline Marketing as well as juggling family, working and life in general.  

The purpose of this blog was just to create awareness for Artists and if I can create even the slightest bit of awareness for the amazing work that these Artists do then I'll be happy.

Over the years I've known some incredible Artists who work tirelessly on their art and then nothing happens with it.  It doesn't fulfil it's incredible potential for a number of reasons and that's very sad I think.  When someone has poured their creativity, heart and soul into a piece of art for it to not be seen and appreciated I think that's a shame.

I have a lovely friend who is an Artist and some of the things I've seen her create just blow me away, she has an amazingly creative imagination.  Some of that work has been sold but so much has not been seen by enough people (I will share her work with you at some point because she's truly dedicated to all she does).

So, in this blog post I just wanted to direct you to a few places.  I'm sure most of them you'd have heard of before.  I've included all their links for easy access.  

I love flowers and one of my favourite flowers are Peonies, so what I decided to do was search for Peony on each of these sites and share one thing from one artist.  So let's see what we found..

Etsy - Probably the most well known site where artists and crafters sell their creations.  My favourite thing to do on Etsy is search by colour, especially when not looking for something specific. You can find so many unique things on there.  The great thing about Etsy, artists from all over the world use it.

So my Peony from Etsy was by Blue Shed Studio - this watercolour just captures everything I love about Peonies.  Blue Shed Studio - Marie, is based in Bristol UK.

Saatchi Art Gallery - The largest online Art Gallery.  You can find drawings, photography, paintings, sculptures.  They offer a curator service and have an extensive selection of art that most people would probably never have access to.

The Peony from Saatchi is from the artist Simon Barlow who is from Australia, I love Simon's art I would love one of his huge wall pieces in my home. This isn't the one that's being sold on Saatchi because I couldn't save it so here is another to showcase Simon's work and if you follow the link through Simon's name you'll see the other one that I love on the Saatchi website. I do think this is as beautiful as the one I saw on Saatchi.

Folksy - Is the UK version of Etsy, a smaller site in terms of numbers of people using it but the principal is the same and if you're in the UK it's a great way to support artists and crafters from there (I think it's predominately UK artists that sell on Folksy, I may be wrong but I'm sure it is)

Bristol in the UK features twice on this post randomly anyway....

I found this painting in acrylic on Folksy by Siparia a.k.a Carla James, I love the boldness of something so beautiful

Society6 - This is a fantastic site to get some really unique gifts while supporting Artists.  Art is uploaded and then it can be purchased in many different ways.  It can be chosen as a piece of clothing, an item of home decor, phone or laptop case, mugs and cards (among other things).  If you're looking to busy something for someone or even for yourself Society6 is a great way to start. They often run special deals e.g free postage, % off etc so check it out.

The Peony from Society6 is from Viaina who is from Germany, I love how translucent and light the petals look.

DeviantArt - A great community site for artists.  It allows artists to share and promote their work.  The great thing about DeviantArt is that it was created by artists, they know what it's like to try and get your work out there.  As well as being a supportive community site you can also purchase art as well.

A beautiful Peony drawn in red biro by - ShelleySupernova on DeviantArt

Zippi - Is a relatively new community site for artists to sell their work in a variety of different ways. I love how community sites encourage artists to share ideas and help each other.  You can purchase some great gifts featuring original art from Zippi.

Something slightly different from Zippi.  I chose this Peony Fairy from Helenfaerieart love this, so pretty.

Well that's just a few of the places to find art and handmade items online, there are a lot more.  Check them out because you never know what unique gem you will find. As I mentioned a lot of these sites often offer % off or free delivery so definitely worth a visit.

All of them also have Twitter accounts so you can keep up to date with new featured art and artists. I'll link their Twitter accounts below just click on the names and it'll take you there.

Thank you for reading, I hope that you visit some if not all of the sites above to explore, I guarantee you'll find something (if not 1000's of somethings!) that you'll love, while supporting the talented people showcasing their work.  

All of the Peony art is just beautiful and in different ways and different medium the beauty of that gorgeous flower has been captured by each artist.  Please check out the links to their individual work.

I thought I'd share just one more piece before I finish (I love Peonies so much it was hard to contain myself just to the ones above).
Finally then we have a beautiful Peony crafted from cold Porcelain.... it is just stunning. 

I found it on Etsy and the artists name is Tatyana Kazayeva, she is from Italy and her Etsy shop is Villa Paradiso like every other piece of work I've featured she has captured the femininity and beauty of the Peony perfectly.  I love how thin and delicate each petal looks...beautiful.

Twitter - Etsy  - Saatchi Art Gallery - Folksy - Society6 - DeviantArt - Zippi

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