Tuesday, 23 June 2015

A Little Share

A Couple of Things I've Made......

The people that you'll meet on this blog are very talented and create some amazing things.

I wanted to show you a couple of things I've made, I did basic art at school, didn't do anything further than that study wise (I mean I didn't do anything more art wise, I did study other subjects of course).

Always had a creative mind though, always loved letter writing, writing in general, I attempted to write 2 books, love paper, pens, doodling, card, flowers (love making handmade flowers from: felt, fabric and paper) and just generally like getting messy with paint and ink etc.

I love to be see what others are creating, one of the main reasons for doing this blog is so that people can be inspired. 

I love to read creative blogs, watch YouTube videos and browse Pinterest to see and learn new techniques.

Also, I know my inner critic likes to scream from the roof tops, so sharing stuff for me is particularly hard, but creativity is for sharing and it is completely subjective. What one person likes another may not, doesn't make it less creative and it shouldn't stop people from sharing.  If you like it - great, if you don't move on, try again or try something else.

None of my stuff is perfect, but that's kind of the point, everyone is at different levels, but whether you feel it's perfect or not, you have poured your love and time into the stuff you've made, why not enjoy it.

So what am I sharing (get to the point!)..

I love Art Journaling but wouldn't consider myself very proficient at it. I did do the 2014 Life Book (most of it) online course so I may share a few bits with you when I hopefully cover online art courses.  I will cover online classes at some point because a) they're great for prompts and to accomplish something even if you are an accomplished artist already and b) you can join up with like minded people, discuss the class, techniques, see what others are doing and most importantly if you can't get out or you don't want to go to a class it's the perfect opportunity to create with help whatever the restrictions.

Anyway, for now here are a couple of things I have made for other people. The first I was asked to make for a friend of mine (Someone I hope to feature in the near future because she just oozes creativity), I'd made a similar one in the past for her new baby's nursery (prior to him being born) and she wanted one in the same colour scheme with his name on once he'd arrived. Also she wanted to show her love for moustaches so she drew this and I created it.

The second thing was also made for a friend, as a gift. So someone I work with (a very talented Photographer) bought a shell of a flat and basically spent months and months doing it up.

So when he was ready to move in I made a little mini album so he could store his before and after images in with any little journaling tidbits.

This is the type of thing I love doing, it's made from 6 square card blanks and envelopes, some card and embellishments. Something from very little. I tried to make it as masculine as possible.

There are lots of pull out pages and pockets to fill with pictures and journaling plus the odd quote or 2 because what is life without a quote here and there (love a quote!).

If you fancy giving one of these a go there are lots of videos on YouTube showing how to make an Envelope Mini Album.

Cute mini Dominoes with lettering

So that's that... up next we have the very lovely and talented Serena Bee, I cannot wait to introduce you to her and her vibrant beautiful work.

Thank you for reading and please follow my blog so you don't miss any of the amazing artists I've already featured or those coming up.

Take care and until next time.......create, create, create! .. (went all Brucey there, that'll probably not mean anything to most people).

I'm off :)

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