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Lana Moes

Lana Moes

Artist and Freelance Illustrator.

Lana is someone who I came across while flicking through Etsy (just incase you are unaware of Etsy - it's a selling site for handmade items, Art, Art/Craft Supplies etc) anyway... I was browsing Etsy and saw Lana's watercolours - wow! they are beyond beautiful and have a genuine romantic feel to them.  I am genuinely in love with her work.

Since then I've spent quite a bit of time on her blog and shop, Lana is a very talented lady, her watercolours just draw you in, you can almost hear the rain when you look at the picture of the couple walking through Paris in the rain with their bright umbrella in hand.  Isn't there something really romantic about rain....or is that just me?

Lana's inspirations come from travelling and different cultures (very clear to see in her pieces).

Lana: "I hope that my creations can provide a special memory for people or take them on a journey to a new place"

It is very clear when you read about Lana that she is so passionate about what she does.

Lana: " Art for me is not an 8 - 5 job, rather a lifestyle. I'm very passionate about it and I love to inspire the viewers with my artistic vision"

Her Etsy shop was opened to sell Fashion and Floral watercolour paintings in 2012. Lana's work can be seen in various Hotels, Companies and Collections worldwide.

Another of my favourite pieces of Lana's is a watercolour in her Wanderlust collection, it's called 'Hollywood Drive'.. to me it evokes an image of years gone and the golden age of Cinema with a very classic image of a beauty like Audrey Hepburn in an open top car.

Also for me being from England and being patriotic I also love the 'London Love' watercolour too, the picture shows the walk up The Mall and you can see the Queen Victoria Memorial Statue and Buckingham Palace, reminds me of days where we have a Royal Wedding and the processions and the hoards of people lining the route.

Mentally I'm quite a feminine person I believe, so I also love her Miss Dior watercolour, I'd love a dressing table like that with a beautiful box with a ribbon around it, perfume in a beautiful bottle and flowers.. gorgeous!

I spend half my time dreaming of riding a pink bicycle with a basket on the front full of flowers (some people who know me will know this to be true).... just like this bike, it's like this lady is in my mind! 

I asked Lana some questions about her work and what she does, so let's find out a little bit more...

Hi Lana, tell us a bit more about what you love about being an Artist and your inspiration:

Lana - I am fortunate enough to reside in beautiful, sunny Florida. I feel absolutely blessed to be able to say that I am a person who is lucky enough to
make a living doing what they are absolutely passionate about... for me, that is,
and has always been, creating art.

My deepest inspiration and passion about art comes from travelling and experiencing different cultures.

I go to sleep dreaming about my art. I wake up and the first thing in my hand is a cup of coffee in one hand a paintbrush in the other. I can't wait to paint, and can never work within a normal schedule of hours. I'm very passionate about it and I love to inspire the viewers with my artistic vision.

I consider the "heart" of my work an ongoing series of romantic bliss paintings.

I love that passion Lana, what processes do you have when it comes to your art?

Lana: My work always comes from my own life experiences and emotions, and often reflects what I am thinking about at the time. I use the female figure almost exclusively because that is the perspective from which I view the world. Making art is for me a transformative process that helps me clarify and better understand my own experiences.

Presently I have been experimenting with mostly watercolors and acrylic (my favorite mediums). I especially like the challenge of painting with watercolors …. By it’s nature it is a spontaneous and somewhat uncontrollable medium. The outcome of a watercolor painting is hard to predict at the beginning of the process. I have to trust my instinctive and subconscious approach based on my art education and many years of experience with the medium.

What is your favourite Art that you're creating at the moment?

Lana: I’m very proud of my Paris and London inspired art and am happy that you see the beauty in it as well. Paris for Two featured in commercial use in WHBM Spring 2015 Spring collection. My Wanderlust inspired art collection is being updated and expanded weekly and the interest that this line is eliciting is exciting to me as an artist and an entrepreneur. My fashion collection inspires feelings of romance, beauty, and fashion and love.

I love how everything I feel when I see Lana's work is exactly as she perceives it herself and hopes that others perceive it too.

It's been amazing getting to know you and your work Lana, thank you so much and good luck with everything you do from here on.

If you'd like to check out Lana's work - I have a board on my own Pinterest

Click Here to get to Lana's Gallery on Etsy

Lana's Blog can be found Here

All Lana's pictures have been used with her kind permission


  1. Thank you dear Sharon for your lovely feature and appreciation of my art! It was my pleasure to know you more and sharing with you my thoughts. I hope my artwork will inspire your blog readers! with love, Lana

  2. It was an absolute pleasure Lana, I'm so pleased that you liked it .. Thank you x