Monday, 15 June 2015

Introducing Janette Lane...

So my last post was about Pocket Letters, Janette was the creator of those letters. It was a great idea Janette, I love it.

Having received and sent my own Pocket Letters I know how exciting it is to receive those little bundles of happiness and to know that someone else has received the package that you made.

Most people use 9 pocket Trading Card sleeves. Then it's a case of decorating the pockets and adding all the fun bits of stationery, tea, paperclips, quotes, charms whatever you fancy really as well as the letter.

Here is one of Janette's beautiful Pocket Letters

Janette also runs a Pocket Letter Pals network where you can meet other people who want to swap Pocket Letters and Janette has a Facebook page that is used for the same purpose and to share and inspire others with Pocket Letters that are ready to go out.

I asked Janette a few questions to find out what inspires her:

1.What is your name and how old are you?

Hello! Hello! My name is Janette, author of Janette Lane Blog. I'm turning 33 next month! Yikes!

2.Tell us about your art now and what you do?

Janette: I'm a papercrafter and creator of Pocket Letters. I'm really into decorating my planner, a little art journaling, and snail mail. I guess Pocket Letters would fall into the category of snailmail art or mail art.

3.What is your earliest creative memory?

Janette: I remember my sister made me a Barbie dress out of a sock. I must've been 4 or so. I thought it was the most beautiful thing! lol And after that I cut up all my socks trying to replicate it. Of course it never came out the same since she was a bit older than me. But you could always find me cutting up socks and making Barbie dresses:) I'm surprised I never got in trouble for cutting up perfectly good socks!

4.Do you ever suffer from a creative block and if so how do you get yourself out of it?

Janette: It's been a while since I've had creative block. Thankfully I've been feeling so inspired lately! But when I do get a block there are two things I do.
    1. Go on Pinterest and look at pretty pictures of sunsets, papercrafts, art prints, etc.
    2. Look at my previous work either on my phone or Instagram account. Sometimes my old ideas inspire new ones.

5.Who inspires you?

Janette: That's a hard one because I'm inspired by so many! Basically anyone who shares their creative passion on Instagram, Facebook, or via a blog.

6.What is your favourite piece of work that you've created?

Janette: My planner journal! It's a planner that turned into an art journal of sorts. It almost looks like mixed media. I love it because it also documented my life at that place in time.

7.What are your creative ambitions for the future?

Janette: I have a Pocket Letters™ shop that I hope to expand very soon. Right now I offer digital downloads and other tidbits, but hopefully soon there will be more stuff!

8.What do you do when you're not being creative?

Janette: I love spending time with my husband and family. Also most of the time I'm catching up on emails and or doing chores! No joke! Sometimes my life seems like an endless to-do list!

9.Tell us where we can find your work and your social media sites.

Janette: You can visit my blog or Instagram to see most of my work:)

I love finding out about creative people and what they do, Thank you Janette for taking the time to answer my questions.

Please visit Janette's sites ready to be inspired. I for one am totally hooked on Pocket Letters.  Finally here is a video from Janette's YouTube Channel.

All pictures used were with Janette's kind permission.