Monday, 15 June 2015

Snail Mail

Snail Mail

I'm going to start my blog journey with Letter Writing and you can be as creative as you like with sending Snail Mail, I have a whole folder of it on Pinterest (I LOVE Pinterest but I'll save that for another time – but for those of you who've never heard of it. is a virtual pinboard for inspiration, wish lists, things you love etc etc – it's very addictive)

So, back to Snail Mail (I'll put the link to my Pinterest account and Snail Mail folder specifically below)...

When I was younger I used to write letters to my Nan and my Aunty Maureen, sadly neither are still with us but I love that I shared that with them.

Then when I was about 15 (a few years ago – give or take 20!) Smash Hits magazine (teenage music magazine for those not in the UK) had a section for finding a new Penpal, so I sent in my little bit of blurb and hey-presto got lots and lots (approximately 60-80 ) replies.

I tried to keep in contact with as many of them as possible until it whittled down to a few that replied more than 3 or 4 times. I only remember one, his name was Kevin and he was from Bootle in Liverpool, but we lost touch.

I LOVE stationery, so I used to purchase lots of different writing paper and tried not to send the same paper more than once to each person. I distinctly remember some paper shaped like that holey cheese – Swiss Cheese? Anyway, I remember it was yellow paper with holes around the edges and a little mouse in the corner.... I'm sure Kevin (who at the time was a 14/15 year old lad from Liverpool) loved my Swiss cheese paper (what 15 year old teenage lad wouldn't lol).

My passion for letter writing has been reignited, not that it was ever completely extinguished but I just didn't have any penpals! I have a couple of new Penpals now (Yay! and looking for a few more) I am so excited, I've a justified reason to purchase more stationery and trust me, I can never have too much!

So, this all fits in because what we are sending are Pocket Letters. These are a very creative way to send out letters and were started by a lovely lady called Janette Lane who is from California.
Pocket Letters are where the creativeness begins and can go off the scale! I love them.

My next post will be about Janette and Pocket Letters specifically, so I won't go into too much detail about them now. What I did want to share with you is 1 of the 4 Pocket Letters I've made this weekend and the one I received from my Penpal Charlie (who has a blog herself,

So this is mine from Charlie (like I said I will cover the premise of Pocket Letters in more detail next) but.... isn't this pretty It includes a letter and stationery bits and bobs and a tea bag (love my tea!) or something similar for the recipient to enjoy while reading the letter, some question prompts and this is in a trading card clear wallet that is then folded and posted off. 

This is one of the ones I have made to be sent off. I've put a teabag and coffee in mine and a Moam flat sweet then made little envelopes from pretty paper that have little quote cards or stationery bits in and there are little get to know you questions throughout.

Now you can see why I love getting happy creative snail mail!  I have a couple more Pocket Letters that I will share when they have been received.

Here is my Pinterest Snail Mail Folder - it doesn't just include Pocket Letters although there are a few.  Pinterest Snail Mail Board

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