Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Welcome, Willkommen, Bienvenida, Accoglienza - I will stop there or we'll be here all day - Welcome ALL!!

I have a huge passion for creativity in it's many many forms.  I love to see how a person translates their creative thoughts and processes into a piece of work.

It could be something that we'd deem as obvious as an incredible painting or drawing to something that others might not deem as being 'creative' such as extreme planning.  Trust me there are many definitions and perceptions of 'creativity' and 'artist' but for me personally (rightly or wrongly) creativity starts with the beautiful creative thoughts and how that is translated into a piece of work be it on paper (written or illustrative) or through a song, piece of sculpture, dance, you get my point....anything!.

Personally I love anything to do with paper, I'm a bit of a Stationery obsessive.  I love making things from paper, getting some pieces of card/paper and creating something either purely creative or something functional from them.

I love to dabble so I will get inspiration from something someone else has done and learn how to do it, not copy it but adapt it and translate it into how I creatively see it.

This blog is all about that, meeting creative people seeing how they interpret their creative thoughts, there will be things that you can relate to and others that you may deem of being a creative stretch, but that's the point... everyone is different, everyone has a different perception and interpretation.  Hopefully that's the very thing that will inspire.

If you see something that isn't 'your thing' please please remember behind everything you see there is a person, a soul who has spent time conceiving and creating so please try to not leave negative comments, diversity and inspiration is the key and if there is something you don't like then perhaps appreciate it for it's diversity and wait for the next one.

Creative people I find, are kind souls so I don't believe there will be any issues like that.

I hope you enjoy my blog and if you would like to be considered to be featured please do not hesitate to contact me.  I cannot promise to include everyone who contacts me, but I will certain try my hardest.

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