Thursday, 2 July 2015

Belinda Maines

Well, I have absolutely no idea where to start with this lady. Belinda is a 22 year old self taught Make-Up Artist from the north of England. She graduated from Lincoln College with a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design. 

When I first saw her Instagram images I just knew that Belinda had to feature and I was so pleased when she agreed. The problem for me was that there were so many amazing images on there showing Belinda's incredible work.

I know that Belinda's favourites are the animals, especially the here he is:

How utterly amazing is that Lion!?

It took me a minute or two to realise that Belinda's eyes are shut the lion's eyes are above her eyebrows. 

I just find the detail of all the hairs on the lion's face, the colouring, the shading, the mouth, nose etc it's all just incredible.

Belinda's video - Creating the Lion 

I watched an introduction video that some students made about Belinda and she was explaining that when she's painting faces it's not so much about working around her nose eyes etc but ignoring them and using the face as a blank canvas, I think that's clear from the Lion, you can hardly see Belinda's nose.

Click Here to see the video of Belinda talking about her art and how she uses Social Media to promote her business.

Here are two more animals that just blew my mind, Belinda is so talented at what she does.
The first is a Gorilla and the second a wolf. What amazes me more than anything when you look at the Gorilla and the Wolf is the expression and that's what makes Belinda's work so special in my opinion.

There are lots of other animals in Belinda's repertoire on Instagram.. click HERE  to go and visit her account.

I wanted to share some other images that I love of Belinda's.. Her special effects work is sensational. Here are a few of my favourites.

Here Belinda has recreated her eyes and mouth, the bottom image is baffling but awesome, Belinda's creativity is amazing.

I will put all of Belinda's social media links below so see all of her work, there is so much more to see. So let's meet the lady responsible for all this work.

My name is Belinda Maines and I am 22 years old. I am originally from Lincolnshire in the UK and moved to Newcastle 2 years ago where I live now.

Tell us about your art and what you do

I am a make-up artist who specialises in face and body painting. I love using the body as a canvas and creating new and exciting pieces of art. Currently I am self employed and spend most of my time doing beauty makeup.

What is your earliest creative memory?

Growing up I was surrounded by creativity, my Mum started her own successful business hand making gift cards and I was always keen to help her! Since I can remember I have been happiest when I am creating and exploring art.

I think most of us suffer from creative block at some point and how do you resolve it?

I'd not suffered from creative block until recently when I hit a creative brick wall! I felt as though nothing was working for me and I wasn't happy with what I was producing. I decided to step away from my art for a while, relax and enjoy what was going well. As soon as I felt happier in myself I found that I was more inspired.

So who or what does inspire you?

My favourite face paints to do are of animals! I am so inspired by nature and the beautiful different forms, colours and textures that can be found in nature. I love trying to capture that with paint.

What is your favourite piece of work you have done?

My lion face paint will always be my favourite, it was the first time I felt really proud of my own work and what I could achieve. I love that little guy! (I agree, you should be proud of him Belinda, he is my favourite too)

What are your creative ambitions for the future?

In the future I am looking to step out of my comfort zone and push myself. Although I don't know where I want to go with my make-up I know that as long as I am creative exciting pieces of art, I'll be happy.

How do you silence your inner critic?

I don't! Although I would like to, I am my biggest critic and I will always find faults with what I produce. I guess that's how I learn and develop my skills for the next time.

What do you like to do when you're not being creative?

I love spending time with my family and friends, eating out, shopping and watching Netflix.

What would be your 3 desert island art/craft items

Mehron Paradise Pallet, I absolutely love their face paints.
A small detail brush and a mirror. Then I could just paint all day everyday!

Please tell us where we can find your work Belinda..

Instagram - @beautybybelinda

I really hope that you have enjoyed Belinda's work as much as I have. It's been an honour to share it.  

Please check out and follow her various social media accounts.

Thank you for allowing me to share it with everyone Belinda and I wish you all the luck with your creative future.

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