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Nadia @Cyrilliart

Okay, before we meet Nadia I just want to give you a quick explanation of how I found out about her, I was so pleased when she agreed to be featured.

I'm a One Direction fan (I'm also 47!) I know what you're thinking,,, the reason I like them is that they're good people, great morals, they work hard, they're living their dreams, making the most of a fantastic opportunity and enjoying life.  Their music is fun and maturing as they mature (every song on Four has been my favourite at some point).  They help with so many charities and they seem to want to make the world a better place also they are genuinely appreciative of their unique situation and how they got there.  What's not to like, anyway....

On Twitter there are legions of One Direction fans and also a lot of fan art.. that's where I saw Nadia's work.

Nadia is a 21 year old Australian Artist.  She is amazingly talented with a whole range of different mediums.

What first caught my eye was her Chibi art, I will come back to that shortly.  

Firstly I wanted to share one of Nadia's own favourites a picture titled 'Blue Zayn' 

It's a white and blue coloured pencil drawing on black paper. The likeness is amazing, it looks like a Photograph.

I've included a You Tube video of Nadia creating another picture of Zayn, I could watch her work for ages it's very relaxing and she makes it look so easy but then talented people do.

This picture is a parody of the Great Gatsby, Liam, Niall and Louis had been at a Great Gatsby ball in aid of Trekstock. They have been captured perfectly.

Nadia sells her art on Society 6 (I will do a feature on where to sell art online)  Artists put their art on Society 6 and then people can purchase the art in a number of different ways: cushions, mobile phone cases, mugs etc.  This is where you can find Nadia's shop  Cyrilliart Society 6.

Both the Blue Zayn and this image are available on Nadia's shop.  This picture is obviously of Louis and Zayn and the focus is cleverly on their Stag and Tiger tattoos.

Here is another of Nadia's YouTube videos showing her working on a picture of Harry in time lapse, it's fascinating watching how people work.

So the Chibi Art was what first caught my eye.  They're a quite simple body shape but what Nadia does so well is that she has captured each and every characteristic, mannerism and trait which is brilliant, without doubt you know who is who and more to the point she captures the mood perfectly.

Take the first picture for the album Four and the song No Control specifically, all 5 members (before Zayn left) are exactly as you'd expect them to be.  All the tiny details make the difference, the tattoos, the little banana hanging from the rear view mirror and Liam being the sensible voice etc

In the picture below, Harry's style is rubbing off on Niall and Liam but Louis wants none of it, the detail and lets face it sheer cuteness and her talent are why Nadia's work is loved by her fans and contemporaries.  One of her qualities is keeping up to date with things that are happening and capturing them not long after, so the picture below of Harry giving advice was based on the Capital Radio Summertime Ball June this year and Nadia released this image quite soon afterwards, she keeps her art current.

Nadia had a great idea that I love because it's helping to inspire others to be creative with her artwork, she has created a colouring book from some of her pictures. Her images are so popular I can only assume this will be a big success. It can be bought in Nadia's Etsy shop Here.

The final picture I'd like to share with you before we meet Nadia is of Louis, again here the mannerisms have been captured perfectly.

So let's meet the lady herself..

My name is Nadia and I am 21 years old.

Tell us about your art that you're doing at the moment

I work with a variety of different mediums so there’s quite a lot to talk about haha. I draw a range of digital art including the popular chibi cartoons of the 1D boys and digital paintings. 

I also do charcoal, pencil, white pencil, watercolour and pen artworks as well. Generally I just love experimenting with mediums so I guess that’s why I have so many under my belt.

What is your earliest creative memory?

My earliest creative memory would be drawing a bird in preschool class. I don’t really remember what the Darwin was really cause I was about 4 years old, but I remember the teacher saying that it looked like it was going to fly off the piece of paper. 

I’m sure she was humouring me but hey, it probably what got my interest in art going haha.  

Do you ever suffer from a creative block and if so how do you get yourself out of it?

I’ve never had a severe creative block. Sometimes I feel like I’m struggling to get an artwork to look right, but that’s when I stop switch to a different medium cause doing different things helps you to refresh your creativity. I find that when I go back to the artwork I was struggling with I work a lot better.

Who inspires you?

Hmmm. If we are talking a specific artist, I’d have to say that I come across so much artistic content everyday just on my tumblr dashboard, that its difficult to name just one. Myra (queenoftheantz on tumblr) is one artist which I have been admiring recently. They have so many styles under their belt and every one is executed to perfection! I aspire to be like them :D

If we are talking who as artistic subjects inspire me, for the past while its been One Direction, but lately I’ve also been dabbling into Anime (see Instagram for more of both). Literally anything I am passionate about, I am more than likely to draw. You can find evidence of this in the early days of my blog where I drew all my likes from Supernatural to Taylor Swift.

If we are talking about what inspires my artistic drive, I’d say a lot of my drive comes from the need and want to improve. I get inspired by a lot of art that I see and my first thought when I see artwork that I admire (after the initial ooh-ing and ahh-ing) is always, “Can I do that?” and if the answer is no, then I put that on my list of goals for the future. My experience over the years with making art is that every goal is reachable if you work hard enough and have the right motivation to reach for it.

What is your favourite piece of work that you've created?

My favourite would be the pastel and white pencil drawing I did of Zayn on black paper titled “Blue Zayn” because it was the first time I put colour in my white pencil drawings and I loved how it turned out.

What are your creative ambitions for the future?

I would love to produce art as a career, and there is a pretty good likelihood of that if I am able to get enough exposure out there and if I keep developing my skills. But I’m already one foot in the business of creating with my Bachelors Degree in Architecture so either way I’ll be creating things in the future!

What do you do when you're not being creative?

As I said in the previous question, I have a background in Architecture, so that’s pretty much what I do outside of drawing. Other than that I guess I have similar hobbies to everyone like a fondness for books and great TV shows 

Tell us where we can find your work and your social media sites.

My main site would be my:
tumblr blog:
I can also be found on @Cyrilliart Instagram and twitter with the handle @cyrilliart

I know you're extremely busy producing the art as regularly as you do and with everything else going on, so I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions Nadia.

I also know how popular your artworks in all mediums are and I'm so pleased to have found your work because it makes me smile.  Please check out Nadia's work even if you're not a One Direction fan because it is incredible.  

Good luck with whichever path your Creativity takes you down Nadia!   

Great picture of Niall, I love the white on black.

Thank you for reading and allowing me on this occasion to indulge in my guilty pleasure that is 1D and Nadia's amazing creativity.  See you soon for something entirely different!

Nadia's work has been used with her permission

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