Sunday, 12 July 2015

Orca & Dolphin

Hello, I hope you're all well.

Today's post is a bit different than I usually post, usually we meet an Artist and focus on them.This time I chose a theme. I have always loved Orcas and had a fascination with them, they're just so beautiful.

They are in the news a lot at the moment and I don't want to get into my feelings on the matter of them being held in captivity because what I wanted to do was showcase some amazing artwork of Orcas and Dolphins in their natural habitat.

These beautiful and intelligent mammals just take my breath away. I've never seen one in the wild, never seen one in captivity either, all the documentaries that I have watched just reinforce to how intuitive they are, how they are such emotional beings. I can only imagine the feeling of getting to experience them in the wild.

So I wanted to do something positive and as this is a creative blog what better way than to show some artwork.  A massive thank you to all the Artists who agreed to allow me to use their work.

The first is from a watercolour from Jian Chen - the piece is called Dolphin Joy (perfect).  I love it when you see Dolphins playing in the surf.  You can find Jian's work on her ETSY shop and HERE on her Facebook page.   Jian lives in Wales UK.

Next up is Michaeline Mcdonald.

Michaeline lives in Oregan USA The first picture is so moving it shows a Mother Orca and her twin calves.  That bond in most animals/mammals is strong and Orcas are no different.  The second picture from Michaeline is called Smiling Dolphin - love his face.  You can find Michaeline's work in her ETSY shop and WEBSITE.  Michaeline hand embellishes her prints with pastels to get as close to the original painting as possible.

Pride and Joy

Smiling Dolphin

The next Artist has a shop on Etsy called Chadsart.  He's a Californian artist.
Some of the proceeds to this picture below are donated to WWF which is commendable.
This picture is titled 'Killer Smile' and I love it.  It's a print of an original acrylic on canvas artwork.

You can find his shop HERE

Gali Lutski

Gali is an Artist from Israel
I was trying to find some diversity in what I shared. I love this picture - it is on black paper with white Calligraphy Ink.  It is a one of a kind piece of art.  You can find this picture on Gali's Etsy shop

I also wanted to include some photography of Orcas in their natural environment.  I found some beautiful photography by Doug Parrott of a trip that he went on to Washington State USA.
I can't imagine how exciting it was to witness these majestic whales in real life.  All these images can be found on Doug's FLICKR account and his ETSY shop.

The first is of a Breaching Whale

The second is a Transient Family Group and is a group of about 5 Orcas.  I read on Doug's etsy posting that there are transient pods and resident pods around the San Juan Islands in Washington State.  I can't imagine seeing an Orca once in my life, let alone live somewhere where they're 'resident'.

The next Artist I'd like to feature is Amber - Artist Amber Marine.  She has some beautiful work on her Society 6 shop and her Facebook page.
The first digital art piece is inspired by the Dolphins in Florida's Indian River Lagoon.

The second again a Digital painting from scratch of  an Orca entitled 'Lost In Fantasy'.

Finally here is another digital painting Dolphin picture from Amber - title Riversoul Blue. He/She looks so at peace.

The final Artist I'd like to share is Rachel Byler who has an Etsy shop called The Colorful Cat Studio, I love this watercolour of an Orca breaching.  It is titled 'Icy Waters'

I'd like to thank you all for allowing me to show your work.  Personally I think whether it's an Artists rendition or a photograph Orca and Dolphin definitely look better in the wild.

I've enjoyed picking a topic and showcasing work that way so I will probably do this again especially a topic that means something to me.

My next post is something completely different and I cannot wait to share it.

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