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Let's Meet Heather Aguilera

I fell in love with Heather's work on first sight.

I'm a Mother to three Children.  I loved being pregnant (although easy to say now, it was many years ago) and I would have loved to have met Heather Aguilera at that time.

Heather is a Body Artist and one of the things I love most about her Portfolio of work is her Prenatal Body Paintings.

Firstly, it's obvious that Heather is very talented, her paintings are gorgeous! Secondly what an absolutely beautiful thing to do to decorate your bump, something that is so wonderful and hugely impactful on your life but so temporary. It needs to be celebrated, Heather's work does just that.

Heather found out about Prenatal body painting when she was pregnant and someone painted her tummy, she loved it so much she began to do it and built her business around that. How lovely to be doing something you truly love and that is so special to the recipient. Heather works very closely with Mums-to-be finding out there own ideas and their likes so that each painting is very personal to each person.

Having grown up around the beaches of Southern California that has impacted her work, it's very bright, fresh and vibrant. She has a love of painting and drawing which is obvious when you look at her work. I find Heather's work so positive and full of energy. She's very at one with nature, that's very clear in her paintings, even in the photography of her work.

Isn't that beautiful, I'm in love with this.

Heather is often asked to lecture at various conventions, where she teaches people all about the fundamentals such as blending colours and adding texture. I love this Turtle's shell, a great example of texture I think.

Painting pregnant Mums-to-be isn't all that Heather does, she also does other forms of body painting, as you can see from this beautful Koi back painting.

Let's have a look at a few more bumps and meet Heather.

Meet Heather:

My name is Heather Aguilera, I was born and raised on the beautiful beaches of Southern California, Laguna Beach. Drawing and painting has been a passion of mine since my young youth and the beauty of surrounding nature has always been my reflected in my work.

Please tell us about your Art and what you do:

For the past ten years, Body Art has become my primary focus and passion. My canvas is the Human Body. The human body is a work of art in itself, it is a curvy, moving, breathing canvas like no other. From full body paintings to beautiful pregnant bellies, 

I have found Body Art to be a very therapeutic, healing, transformational, and interactive Art form. My Art comes from a very deep spiritual place within me and a source much greater. Connecting with another human spirit creatively and colorfully is very powerful. It seems to create a transformational awakening that can only be described in full through the experience itself.

What is your earliest creative memory?

My earliest creative memories date back as early as I can remember. I always had paper and markers with me and It was just what I did. Creating colorful bright nature inspired images came naturally for me as a child. I remember drawing was always very calming for me and brought about positive recognition. My mother said my art was always "happy!" :) It always made everyone smile and that made me smile as a child inside and out and continues to today. Not much has changed through the years except for my Canvas. :)

I think most of us suffer from a time (I certainly do) where creativity doesn't flow so freely, how do you get through a creative block?

Hmmm, Ive always steered away from the term "creative block" I feel if I give it a name then it's real!! lol
Truthfully my creativity flows so continuously that the hard part is finding time create all my visions and ideas. Often I awaken in the night by images and inspirations. Although I am human and at moments of sadness in life or heartbreaking circumstances, I have felt less inspired and my creative mind can become more quiet. This is just a natural process with everything in life. My creativity has a way of refuelling itself through natural process. Pains in life bring about healing and rejuvenation. With that comes even more powerful creativity. When something is truly a part of who you are..It can never be taken away. That is the beauty of our divine gifts. I believe we are meant to share our gifts and talents with the world. The giving IS the receiving!! :) (I couldn't agree more!)

Who inspires you Heather?

I am so inspired anyone who seeks their passion with no fear! Anyone who dives in with dedication and makes it happen all around them. Who lives it and breathes it. My first creative inspiration in life was my mother, she was very creative and had a wonderful eye for aesthetics. As a teenager and in the present moment, Michelangelo is by far my greatest inspiration. I am in awe of him and his divine creations!! Unbridled passion beyond words. At 14 I read his life story. "The Agony and the Ecstasy" It resonated deeply in me and I am reverent to his spiritual art creations released from stone. He was a true genius. I am also courageously inspired by Oprah. To me she is the ultimate success story.

Do you have a favourite piece of work that you have done?

Every new piece is my favorite and I think I actually say that each time!! lol... I am probably not the best judge of my own pieces, but the high of seeing the final product in front of me and photographed, is the best every time. Aaaaaahh there is no feeling like it. No high is greater than that natural high of creativity coming to fruition. A vision created. It is a WIN every time. They are all my favorites. They all speak to me in different ways, it would be so hard to choose. :) I am very passionate about working with the pregnant women. That may be my fave.

What are your creative ambitions?

With my creative ambitions for the future, I intend to delve more into the healing power of body art and how I can help change peoples lives! I am a licensed tattoo Artist now as well and am in the beginning stages of creating my own Zen Body Art Studio, offering Tattoo's, Healing Body Art, Henna, Airbrush Tatts, All forms of colorful healing Body Art. The healing aspect of Body Art is the most gratifying. Id like to paint more breast cancer patients and survivors as well as disabled children. I feel my calling is to create beauty for people that they feel from the inside out. Something about body art does that to people. I paint on the outside, but they feel it on the inside. It truly is magical. Body Art has been an enlightening journey for me and I want share it with the world on a much deeper level far beyond costume and theater, because I have seen and I believe in the POWER OF BODY ART!!

That's inspiring Heather, that something you clearly love could have such an empowering impact on the people you want to paint, I love that.

I am self critical when it comes to anything I make, how do you deal with your inner critic?

I am not very critical of my art. It just comes to me and I create. When I finish a piece and I step back to look at it.. I honestly can't believe it came from me. I find it hard to take credit and I remember always feeling like that. Even in High school, when I would win awards. I found it very peculiar and awkward for me to receive awards for something that just came naturally through me. It feels strange inside for me to take credit... I give my credit to the source and inspiration of life and beauty itself!! I am just the messenger..:) I also do not believe in art competitions. Art is expression, How can one persons art be judged against anothers. I am not a competitive artist.

What do you get upto when you're not creating:

When Im not being creative, I'm thinking about being creative!! haha.. It's true. Everything is art to me. I surround myself with art and inspiring beauty and the process never stops. From my clothes, to my jewelry, to my food and yoga!! Everything in life can be me it is. I enjoy my time on the beaches of Florida with my son Ocean. I collect shells and build sandcastles. I read inspirational books, I ride my bike and soak it all in. I enjoy my pets and the beautiful supportive people in my life, and I create.

I want to come and visit! That sounds Idealic Heather!

Where can we find your Art?

Since most of my Body Art is temporary the lasting images must be captured through photography. I have definitely fine tuned my photography skills, which also has come fairly naturally to me. I have received help from photographer friends along the way, but most of my work I photograph myself. 

I have displayed images in galleries and been published in many magazine and News articles as well as live News broadcasts locally in Florida. 

I had a wonderful opportunity to be participate and be featured in a SYFY docu-series called NAKED VEGAS, televised in over 80 countries! I was one of four artist working as a team performing amazing body art jobs all over Las Vegas. It was quite a learning experience and very challenging at times. 

I was also a featured guest on SYFY's special episode "Face Off's Naked and Painted!" It was a huge high point in my life. I painted a modern day Medusa w Kelly Belmonte for the show. It was definitely a day I will never forget. Having my art and life passion recognized Internationally on television was a dream come true. 

I would never have guessed that what I loved as a child I would still be doing as an adult and getting paid for it. It proved to me that anything is possible. if you BELIEVE, with focus dedication, passion and commitment, you can make your dreams a reality!! I travel the world painting for Private parties, corporate events, Belly paintings, private sessions, teaching at Body Art conventions, and Film Festivals. 

I am focusing more on contributing to my own community in St Augustin Florida at this time in my life. Id like to create my art while staying close to my son, but always open to travel.

My work can be viewed online on my website
Facebook/ Heather Aguilera or HeathersLivingArt
Tumbler/ Heatherslivingart
Flickr/ heatherslivingart
Twitter/ @HeatherNVegas
Pinterest/ Heather Aguilera.

Tell us your 3 desert island art supplies

Oh my gosh... Ive never been good at limiting questions!! lol.. I am definitely not the minimalist!! I am known to never travel with less than 3 suitcases!! Yikes... I never know what moods ill be in. What clothes I will need, what art supplies I may need?

Well if I had to pick 3 items, I would definitely take my camera, my paints, my brushes!! Ill make a canvas out of anything!! But if I had those 3 things nothing could stop me! :) I know that the paints and brushes are plural.. so I may have cheated, but I can't just bring one color and one brush, omg.. Id be so deprived. I need COLOR!! My favorite personal quote is "LIVE AND LOVE COLORFULLY" and I mean it with all my heart!!! :)

Thank you so much Heather for taking the time to answer my questions so beautifully. I can just feel the passion that you have for your life and your art it's very inspiring.

Please do check out Heather's sites because her work is totally amazing and her passion is infectious!

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