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June Review

June Review

Well June went fast didn't it, we're actually closer to Christmas 2015 than we are to Christmas 2014! I know at least 10 people that would not be happy about me pointing that out.

Anyway, at the end of every month here on A World Of Creative People I am going to do a review of the previous month.

I started this blog in the middle of June so there aren't as many people to review but the lovely ladies that did feature more than made up for that.

Janette Lane

Firstly we had the lovely Janette Lane, creator of Pocket Letters and is an avid planner.

I just wanted to briefly touch on planning.
So there are communities of people online (myself included) who plan to the extreme! You can use Filofaxes, Midori/Fauxdori Notebooks any kind of Journal/Diary or purposely made planner.

On Etsy and other shops you can purchase speciality stickers and inserts to help plan and to decorate your planners.

I'm waiting on a new planner when it's here I will show you mine, I don't want to share anyone else's planner without their permission but there are lots of videos on You Tube.

Back to Janette, on her blog (to visit Janette's blog click HERE) you'll find instructions and inspiration on Pocket Letters (PL's) and suggestions on what to fill them with and how to decorate them. Janette has a Facebook group where people meet to join up and swap PL's. 

Here is another example from Janette herself:

Lana Moes

Next up was Lana Moes, I really enjoyed speaking to Lana and spending ages just browsing through her work because it is truly beautiful, all of it was art I'd happily have hanging in my home, it was just 'me'.

Lana is an Artist who's work can be found in different hotels around the world.

For me the pictures of Paris in the rain, couples walking arm in arm with a bring umbrella through the streets just conjures up a romantic feel.

I love the real femininity of her work especially the flowers and the perfume bottles.

Lana has a new collection now called Tropical Bliss, the colours are just mouth watering and still have that romantic feel about them.

Here is an example you can find more on her blog by clicking HERE

Serena Bee

After Lana came Serena Bee (a lady who was extremely generous with her time and advice) Serena has just designed her first stamp set but I am certain we'll see many more from her as her first set 'Deadly Desserts' has been a big success!

Serena has her own style that is fun and vibrant – She also likes to make Home Decor or Halloween things, here are a couple of her items.

Beautiful aren't they. I love that pot and what a difference Serena's artwork makes. Vist Serena's blog HERE to find out more about her

Lucy McSpirit

Finally in June we had Lucy McSpirit. It never fails to amaze me how people start off on one path and then find they're somewhere else.

Lucy loves to paint but she has now found herself doing more bespoke work.

It could be a Family Tree illustration, murals or her fab Colour-Me-In-Rolls great for the school holidays! Check them out on Lucy's Facebook page HERE

Here is another of Lucy's flower paintings

So, that was June, I really enjoyed my first month as a Blogger and have been extremely lucky that the people I have worked with in June and the people that I have been in contact with for July and beyond have been so lovely and open to my questions etc.

Thank you Janette, Lana, Serena and Lucy – good luck with all you do for the future.

July has started well with the lovely talented Belinda Maines, check out her work and keep an eye out for some amazing work coming up from some other talented people.

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