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July Review


July was a busy month all round, blog, work and personal life so having the opportunity to write this blog does give me a bit of 'me' time and the opportunity to focus on something positive and creative makes me happy.

This blog is only a month and a half old and I've already met some amazingly friendly people through it.

This month again we met some extremely talented people.  End of the month review is the opportunity to just have a quick look at their incredibly diverse work again.

So first off we had the talented Belinda Maines, she is a Face painter from the UK.  Her favourite piece of her work is the Lion, I'm going to repost that for two reasons, first and foremost it's amazing! and secondly in memory of Cecil the Lion.  Belinda has captured the majesty of this beautiful creature perfectly.  One of the things I love about Belinda's work is how she almost totally disregards her own features and paints around them as if her face (or subjects face) is a blank canvas.
Find her full article HERE

Mike was up next, he's from Russia living in Israel and makes the most amazingly accurate Caricature Portrait Sculptures based on some very well known unmistakable faces.

Here is one that was not in the original article (which you can find HERE) it's the instantly recognisable figure of Christopher Walken from the film Blast From The Past..   Check out the full article for more details about Mike.

Heather Aguilera (Florida)  has received a lot of recognition for her artistic skills.  She is a Face and Body Artist.  All of her work is gorgeous but it was the Prenatal Bump work that I particularly loved.  Such a special time, totally different for each child and an amazing time to capture and celebrate.  I have so many favourites.  I particularly like the sea and beach themes like these Humpback Whales 

This beautiful Lion is incredible (yes there will be a Lion theme if I can get it in there today RIP Cecil) 
All of Heather's social media links are on her own feature page HERE

So this month saw the first theme art post.  Without getting too deep into it I have a passion for Cetacean and to see them cooped up in Aquarium's around the world in nowhere close to ideal situations is heart-breaking.  So this month I featured Orca and Dolphin and shared work from various artists, I'm going to put all the work here and if you would like to see more or meet the artists please visit that post HERE.  

Jian Chen   UK                     

Michaeline Macdonald   Oregan USA 



Gali Lutski

Doug Parrott Photography       

Amber @ Artist Amber Marine                                                

 Colourful Cat Studio

All of the artists are linked on the original feature with all of their social media sites please check them out HERE 

The lovely Laura was next.  Miniatures are a family tradition that Laura is still learning but she's so talented already.  Laura's work just screamed at me, since the article I have had contact with Laura who was really pleased with the feature as she felt it represented what she does.  That was lovely to hear, I'm new to the writing lark, well publishing it for people to read anyway, so to get some positive feedback was amazing.  

Laura's work is nature inspired.  So the first image is of little fishing nets and jars for the catch and the second are some tiny snails.  Check out more of Laura's work HERE

Steve's work was incredibly popular when I featured it on my blog.  I love the quirkiness of  Steve's Peanut Portraits and other sculptures.  Check out the full feature HERE.

David Bowie (Process)



Nadia was the next to feature during July, I've seen and admired Nadia's dedication to her artwork for a while.  Her work is loved by millions of One Direction fans, although One Direction isn't the only artwork that she does.  The world of One Direction changes rapidly and Nadia is always right there with current artwork.  She has created a colouring book of some of her drawings so that other people can be creative through her work - I love that.  If you have a 1D fan as a friend/family member then you can find it here in Nadia's Etsy shop  You can find all Nadia's links on her feature page HERE.

The picture below is an illustration of an interview that the boys did when they were launching their album 'Four' and if you saw the interview I think it was called   Four Hangout you will know this is a perfect interpretation of that interview.

Sue was the penultimate Artist during July.  Her talent is incredible.  I'm sure whatever she wanted to use she could make a sculpture from anything.  I showcased her Steampunk Watch Sculptures, her Sand Sculptures and the amazing Pumpkin Sculptures that she does.  Visit Sue's feature page HERE to find out more about Sue and where to find her work.

How beautiful are there two pieces of Sue's work - love that Pumpkin Elephant! carved for Bronx Zoo 

Finally in July was Nicoletta, her art is stunning there is something about it that is compelling for me.  I love anything whimsical and surreal so Nicoletta's artwork is just perfect.  Nicoletta's feature page is HERE if you'd like to find out more about her and her work.

Thank you

So this blog is called 'A World Of Creative People' and this month we visited a Russian living in Isreal, the UK, USA, Australia and San Marino, I think that can count as a world of creative people!  I just wanted to say a massive thank you to each and every Artist that has featured this month.  Your work is incredible and you were all such kind approachable people.  I look forward to seeing all your future projects.

Next Month... August...

I have some amazing talent lined up for August, please join me on my next round the world trip looking at some beautiful Artwork created by some pretty inspiring people.

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